Sisi & I

Directed by Frauke Finsterwalder
Film Movement
132 Minutes
Germany, Switzerland, Austria
German, English, French
Comedy, Drama, Biography, LGBTQIA2S+
Biography, Women Directors, Women's Studies, European Studies, History, Gender Studies, LGBTQIA2S+
Not Rated
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Blu-ray $150.00
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Austria, late 19th century. Countess Irma Sztáray (Sandra Hüller) leaves her home in Hungary to become the lady-in-waiting for Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Susanne Wolff), known to those close to her as Sisi. Irma falls under the spell of the rebellious Empress Sisi, and the two form a strong bond during a summer retreat in Greece. However, once home in Vienna, their lives take dramatic and irrevocable turns.
“Lush, irreverent” (Variety) and “vividly shot” (, SISI & I features Academy Award-nominated Sandra Hüller and Susanne Wolff in a “thought-provoking and entertaining glance at the famous empress” (Cineuropa).


  • Sandra Hüller
  • Susanne Wolff
  • Georg Friedrich
  • Stefan Kurt
  • Sophie Hutter
  • Anthony Calf
  • Angela Winkler
  • Highest Rating
    "Lush, irreverent... with plenty of its own panache. [T]his splendidly mounted production should comfortably connect with audiences... distinguished by the spotlight it throws on Countess Irma Sztáray, the Empress’s final lady-in-waiting, played with cunning and exuberance by the dependable Sandra Hüller."
    Guy Lodge, Variety
  • Highest Rating
    "Frauke Finsterwalder’s take on the Empress is a lavish production.... A key asset is Hüller...."
    Wendy Ide, Screen Daily
  • Highest Rating
    "Both Sandra Huller and Susanne Wolff are impeccable in their respective performances. The Empress was an engaging character in real life, and Sisi and I makes her just as engaging on the screen."
    Jacob Richardson, Film Focus Magazine
  • Highest Rating
    " Vividly shot, and the costume design is gorgeous,"
    Nadine Whitney,
  • Highest Rating
    "Frauke Finsterwalder offers a thought-provoking and entertaining glance at the famous empress. The timelessness of this tale is further enhanced by the incredible, anachronistic costumes by Tanja Hausner. "
    Susanne Gottlieb, Cineuropa


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