Sisi & I

Directed by Frauke Finsterwalder
Film Movement
132 Minutes
Germany, Switzerland, Austria
German, English, French
Comedy, Drama, Biography, LGBTQIA2S+
Biography, Women Directors, Women's Studies, European Studies, History, Gender Studies, LGBTQIA2S+
Not Rated
DVD $150.00
Blu-ray $150.00
PPR $350.00
DRL $499.00
PPR+DRL $599.00

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Late in the 19th century, Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary – known as Sisi (Susanne Wolff) - is living in an aristocratic women-only commune in Greece. Countess Irma (Sandra Hüller) is sent there to be Sisi’s companion, and she is captivated by the eccentric and extravagant recluse. But the outside world is reaching out to break Sisi. And no matter how much Irma and Sisi resist, in the end they are left with only one fatal path that will bind the two women together forever.


  • Sandra Hüller
  • Susanne Wolff
  • Georg Friedrich
  • Stefan Kurt
  • Sophie Hutter
  • Anthony Calf
  • Angela Winkler
  • Highest Rating
    "Lush, irreverent... with plenty of its own panache. [T]his splendidly mounted production should comfortably connect with audiences... distinguished by the spotlight it throws on Countess Irma Sztáray, the Empress’s final lady-in-waiting, played with cunning and exuberance by the dependable Sandra Hüller."
    Guy Lodge, Variety
  • Highest Rating
    "Frauke Finsterwalder’s take on the Empress is a lavish production.... A key asset is Hüller...."
    Wendy Ide, Screen Daily
  • Highest Rating
    "Both Sandra Huller and Susanne Wolff are impeccable in their respective performances. The Empress was an engaging character in real life, and Sisi and I makes her just as engaging on the screen."
    Jacob Richardson, Film Focus Magazine
  • Highest Rating
    " Vividly shot, and the costume design is gorgeous,"
    Nadine Whitney,
  • Highest Rating
    "Frauke Finsterwalder offers a thought-provoking and entertaining glance at the famous empress. The timelessness of this tale is further enhanced by the incredible, anachronistic costumes by Tanja Hausner. "
    Susanne Gottlieb, Cineuropa


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