Film Movement Plus - MyFrenchFilmFestival 2022

By Film Movement | January 14, 2022


Returning for a fourth year on Film Movement Plus, MyFrenchFilmFestival brings the best of a new generation French films to cineastes the world over. Now through February 14, stream the festival's official selection of French features with your Film Movement Plus subscription (short films can be streamed free of charge, without a subscription).

There are 10 features and 10 shorts in competition, and you can help choose the winner of the Audience Prize! Internet users are invited to rate each film and to post their comments by setting up an account on the official festival website at:


The Monopoly of Violence
Journalist David Dufresne has collected numerous striking amateur images of police violence during the Yellow Vests movement in France and proposes a reflection on the order maintenance and the means devoted to it by political powers.

All Hands on Deck
Guillaume Brac gracefully films young adults, from different cultures and social backgrounds, who meet during a shared summer in southeast France. ALL HANDS ON DECK is a vacation comedy as much as a romantic adventure, featuring a troupe of vigorous young actors.

Gallant Indies
The Paris Opera combines urban dance and opera to reinvent Jean-Philippe Rameau's masterpiece. (CANADA ONLY)

Madly in Life
Raphaël Balboni and Ann Sirot’s debut feature tells the story of an unprecedented upheaval: the discovery of a relative’s degenerative disease. It’s a tragic, sweet, and funny story about a family that must learn to cope with dementia, vulnerability, and fragility.

Honey Cigar
Kamir Aïnouz paints a complex portrait of a young woman, free and determined to take control of her life, played by Zoé Adjani. A coming-of-age film that questions a family story as much as colonial history, and that challenges a patriarchal system.

The Night Doctor
Élie Wajeman takes the viewer into the misery of addiction in northeastern Paris and directs a sumptuous, tense, and breathless thriller with social realist overtones. Vincent Macaigne powerfully portrays an ambiguous, serious, and seductive doctor of the forgotten, humanist. (U.S. ONLY)

FRémi Chayé retraces the childhood of the legendary Calamity Jane in this homage to Westerns, and offers a tale of initiation about the discovery of freedom, enhanced by a flamboyant color palette. (U.S. ONLY)

Skies of Lebanon
Chloé Mazlo draws on her family's story to create a poetic tale with a lush and ingenious mise-en-scène. A delicate debut feature starring vivacious Italian actress Alba Rohrwacher and Canadian-Lebanese playwright Wajdi Mouawad. (CANADA ONLY)



Guillaume killed Horacio because he yelled at him too loudly. After being sentenced to prison for eight years, Guillaume forgets many things, including why he killed Horacio. After his release Guillaume is reunited with his Mother and slowly begins to remember what sent him to prison in the first place.

Love Hurts
Sam, a reserved and mysterious adolescent, encounters Troy, an ultraviolent adolescent who feels no pain. Troy will lead Sam into his world. A world full of love, punches, and music.

The Demons of Dorothy
Dorothy, a film director who is a bit of a loser, is laughing while writing her script. But a phone call from her producer dampens her desire to laugh: it's time to stop making queer comedies and make universal films! To avoid slumping into anxiety, Dorothy takes refuge in her favorite series, Romy and the Vampires. Unfortunately, her demons have decided to visit her tonight. (CANADA ONLY)

The Right Words
15-year-old Kenza and her 13-year-old brother Mahdi regularly act out an escalation of petty cruelties and humiliations inspired by social networks. Today, during a bus ride, Kenza puts her naive and romantic little brother to the test: he must make a declaration of love right now to Jada; a girl Mahdi loves but who doesn't know him. (CANADA ONLY)

The Ugly Ducklings
While passing through Paris, Roman, a young archaeologist, gets back to Adam his unruly younger brother.

Hold Me Tight
In the heart of a dark forest, two silhouettes meet, attract and repel each other in an explosive bridal parade. HOLD ME TIGHT is a bittersweet romance.

In an abandoned warehouse, a crowd dances in unison, shaken by 145 BPM of techno music. Among them, Dustin, a young trans, and his gang: Félix, Raya, and Juan. As the night stretches on, the collective hysteria turns into sweet melancholy, and drunkenness into a lack of tenderness.

Little Bear
Little Bear is a sleepwalker who tends to run away at night. Her mother is trying to cure her, but Little Bear would rather understand more about where she's going in her sleep and why.

At night as they return home to the suburbs, Mourad and Harrison accidentally bump into Marcel, an old man of Vietnamese origin.

Florence, a teacher and researcher, uncovers with astonishment an anachronistic engraving - in modern French - on a Gallo-Roman fresco she just dug up. When she realizes this engraving is really from antiquity, her rationality is put to the test.