Film Movement Plus - November 2023 Streaming Premieres

By Film Movement | November 1, 2023


The Year of the Discovery
In 1992, Spain hosted both the Expo '92 in Seville and the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Against this celebratory backdrop, thousands of workers protested the economic measures that threatened local industry.


Czechoslovakia, 1980. Michal and Juraj are conflicted novitiates whose seminary is under increasing pressure to mold its students into satisfactory citizens. With the school on the brink of dissolution, the two must choose between collaborating as informants or becoming targets of the secret police.

For several centuries and until the fall of the Soviet Union, shtetls were inhabited by tight-knit Yiddish-speaking communities. In these remote towns, the traditional Jewish life continued for decades after it disappeared everywhere else.


When Cristina Tofan sneaks away from her isolated convent and fails to return, Detective Marius Preda is called upon to retrace her steps. His investigation gradually uncovers clues leading both to her mysterious actions and what could be an actual miracle as well.

Detective Florin Iespas is determined to crack a mysterious arson case that remains unsolved. Ordered to stand down by his boss, he continues his off-the-record investigation, relentlessly pursuing a suspect he insists must be guilty and resorting to increasingly desperate measures to find justice

Comedy Confessions
Three struggling comedians pursue careers in stand-up despite the harsh realities of being homeless. While Tiffany Haddish becomes a star, Doc Jones and Steven Lolli find the lure of the spotlight takes an unforgiving toll on their dreams.


Moon, 66 Questions
After years spent apart, Artemis decides to return to Athens and care for her ailing father following the sudden decline in his health. As she intimately tends for the stoic, near-wordless Paris, Artemis tries to understand the complicated man she never really knew.

Adieu Godard
A dirty old man in a small Indian village who is addicted to watching pornography discovers that the DVD he accidentally rented is a Godard classic. Intrigued by what he sees, he becomes inspired to organize a Godard film festival

Moonlighting Wives
Disgruntled housewife Joan turns her stenography service into a thriving prostitution ring, sparking a chain of events that lead her on an odyssey of blackmail in this torn-from-the-headlines drama from sexploitation auteur Joseph Sarno.

The Naked Fog
When failed writer Marge discovers a hotbed of infidelity and violence at the local brothel, she hopes to find inspiration for a new novel. But it's not long before her past mistakes catch up with her in this steamy classic from Joseph Sarno.