Film Movement Plus - December 2023 Streaming Premieres

By Film Movement | December 1, 2023


One day, while hunting in a forest, Svetla encounters an African refugee, Bamba, to whom she reluctantly offers food and shelter. As days pass, Bamba learns her language and takes part in her daily life, inspiring Svetla to make life-changing choices that trigger a revolt among the local villagers.

Poppy Field
Cristi's reunion with his long-distance boyfriend is cut short when his police unit is sent to quell a protest in a Bucharest movie theater, where a far-right group has interrupted the screening of a queer film. As tensions mount, a violent outburst threatens to expose the secret of Christi's sexuality.

Being Thunder
Sherenté, a Two Spirit Genderqueer teenager, performs in dance competitions at regional powwows of New England tribes. Wearing female fancy shawl regalia, Sherenté dances with joy and beauty but faces prejudice from tribal leaders.


Sexual Drive
Part thriller, sex comedy and gastronomy, this triptych follows follows three people, each possessing an irresistible culinary and carna. appetite.

The stories of three young couples intersect, exposing their conflicts over identity, sexuality and love in a rapidly changing modern world that offers infinite possibilities, explicit pleasures and extreme challenges.

Small City
A young street hustler from London and a drugs mule from Europe form an unlikely bond after a violent confrontation with a neighborhood heavy.


Pushing Hands
Tai chi master Mr. Chu struggles to adjust to life in New York with his Americanized son and western daughter-in-law. But when Chu begins teaching tai chi at a local school, his desire to make a meaningful connection comes to fruition in the most unexpected of ways.


The Inner Cage
An old prison in a remote and inaccessible area of Italy is being decommissioned. A dozen prisoners remain, watched over by a handful of guards. Their lives feel suspended, and new relationships start to emerge.


Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands
Based on the novel by Jorge Amado, this Golden Globe-nominated comedy follows the strange events that befall Dona Flor (Sonia Braga) after she is left a widow. Shortly after remarrying, she finds her new, less-than-satisfying sex life revived when the ghost of her late husband returns.