Film Movement Plus - May 2023 Streaming Premieres

By Film Movement | May 1, 2023


Drunken Birds
Willy, a Mexican drug-cartel worker, falls in love with his boss' wife, Marlena. Both go into hiding separately. Believing that she went to Montreal, Willy takes seasonal work in rural Quebec, where he becomes entangled in the lives of his employers.

MAY 12

Attack Force Z
When an American fighter jet crashes on an island held by the Japanese, a five-man assault team launches a daring mission to rescue the survivors. Starring Mel Gibson and Sam Neill.

MAY 19

The Day After I'm Gone
Yoram, a 50-year-old veterinarian living in Tel-Aviv is forced to re-examine his relationship with his adolescent daughter Roni, after she wishes to end her life. He decides to take her on a journey to visit her mother’s family, a process of self and mutual discovery in a primordial desert land enveloping the Dead Sea.

Almost Human
In the first collaboration between director Umberto Lenzi and star Tomas Milian, a small-time criminal kidnaps a wealthy industrialist's daughter, triggering a depraved spree of class warfare and mass murder.

The Cynic, the Rat, and the Fist
For their penultimate collaboration, Umberto Lenzi and producer Luciano Martino brought together Tomas Milian as a cold-blooded crime boss known as The Chinaman and John Saxon as a sadistic American mobster looking for his own piece of the action.

Brothers Till We Die
For their final collaboration, Umberto Lenzi directs his own razor-sharp screenplay while Tomas Milian delivers a brilliant dual performance reprising the roles of scheming lowlife Monnezza as well as his twin brother, the sociopath Il Gobbo.

MAY 26

In the Dusk
19-year-old Untė is a member of the Lithuanian Partisan movement resisting Soviet occupation after WWII. With violence and treachery in the air, the lines are blurred between the burning passion of his youth and the cause for which he is fighting.