Film Movement Plus - March 2022 Streaming Premieres

By Film Movement | March 1, 2022


Abel is a 31-year-old agoraphobic who still lives with his parents. Finally kicked to the streets by his father, Abel finds a new home with a kind-hearted stripper.

The Northerners
In a run-down 1960s housing development, Thomas, a 12-year-old boy, becomes obsessed with the broadcast world news. He is encouraged in this escapism by Plagge, a postman who spies on the locals by reading their mail.

The Last Days of Emma Blank
In a large country home, the sickly owner, Emma Blank, is cared for by the household staff. Despite her desperate need for loving care, Emma is a steely tyrant whose demands become ever more cruel and absurd, to the point that she drives everyone to madness. That is, until the day it is discovered that they stand to inherit nothing upon her death.

Grimm re-edit
A new adaptation of Alex van Warmerdam's 2003 film GRIMM, featuring new image, editing, sound and music. This modern fairy tale begins as a variation on the story of Hansel and Gretel and gradually morphs into a road movie, thriller and western.


The Waiter
Renos is an old-time waiter with a meticulous daily routine. But his well-organized, repetitive existence is turned on its head after an unexpected and criminal series of events.

Sword of God
In the early Middle Ages, two knights set off to christen a small pagan village deep in the mountains, but their diverging beliefs soon put them at odds. After a battle of wills, love is confronted with hate and redemption with damnation.


The Lamb
Anita is a rebellious sixteen-year-old caring for a father who is seriously ill and waiting for a bone marrow transplant. His estranged brother is a compatible donor, so Anita decides to intervene.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find
Sarah (Sarah Bolger) is a single mother struggling to raise two young children while searching for answers about the unsolved murder of her husband. After being coerced into helping a low-level drug dealer, she finds herself the target of a dangerous crime boss.

Il Demonio
In a rural southern Italian village, Purif becomes distraught when her lover becomes betrothed to another. After summoning a curse, her erratic behavior is interpreted as demonic possession.


An extraordinary and creative six-year-old girl tries to comprehend the confusing world of adults and to prove her own value despite her mother’s lack of appreciation and love in late 1930s Europe.

The Square
This Oscar-nominated 2013 documentary feature depicts the ongoing Egyptian Revolution of 2011 from its roots in Tahrir Square.