Film Movement Plus - July 2023 Streaming Premieres

By Film Movement | July 1, 2023


Diamond Island
Diamond Island is a symbol of Cambodia's future, a sprawling, ultra-modern paradise for the rich on the river in Phnom Penh. Like many other country boys, 18-year-old Bora, is lured from his village to work on the construction of this property developer's dream.

Midnight Son
A love affair between a reclusive young man and a bartender comes to a tragic end when he becomes a suspect in a series of horrific murders.


Drowning by Numbers
Joan Plowright, Juliet Stevenson, and Joely Richardson star as three generations of women who murder their husbands in an unsettling salvo of sumptuous visuals, macabre capers, and numerical mischief.


A Question of Silence
Three women, strangers with no premeditated thoughts, kill a male shopkeeper in the middle of the day. A female psychiatrist is assigned to the case to find out why.


Seventeen-year-old Stella lives with her father and two younger sisters in an isolated house with bolted windows. Due to a solar explosion that occurred years earlier, only the father is able to leave their home. But there is something that doesn't quite add  up.