Samurai Wolf 2: Hell Cut

Directed by Hideo Gosha
Film Movement Classics
72 Minutes
Action, Asian, Classics, Western
Not Rated

Kiba is caught in the intrigue between a crooked goldmine owner, a cynical, betrayed swordsman, a manipulative lady and an arrogant dojo master. The second and final installment in Gosha's Samurai Wolf carries on many on the hallmarks as the original: the same freeze-frame battle cry opening montage, the same awesome harmonica theme music, another title sequence in which Kiba is enjoying a snack. Kiba's trademark scissors are once again employed as a key plot device, and Kiba continues to demonstrate his honesty and honor in a corrupt and dirty world.

Director & Cast




  • "As in Samurai Wolf, we have a sword fight roughly every five minutes, with some imaginative blood spurts, which should satisfy the most demanding chanbara fan. We also have some stunning black & white photography and some striking locations, particularly for the mountain scenes."
    Japan On Film