Film Club Titles for 2012

Free Men

In WWII France, an Algerian black marketeer risks his life when he joins the Paris Mosque in a clandestine mission to help Jews escape the Nazis.

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Prairie Love

While traveling through North Dakota, a vagrant finds a near-frozen man, assumes his identity and steals the man's prison pen-pal girlfriend.

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A young woman and the bed-ridden older man she cares for share intimate secrets.

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A Tokyo family’s unassuming lifestyle is turned upside down by the increasingly bizarre antics of their strange new tenant.

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Corpo Celeste

When a 13-year-old-girl is thrown into Confirmation classes, she discovers the hypocrisy of the Church, and struggles to come of age despite the misguided adults around her.

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Found Memories

Rita, a young wandering photographer, finds herself in a secluded mountain village where she discovers transcendence in the resident’s everyday lives.

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The Day I Saw Your Heart

A young woman who's unable to commit to a relationship and another who's unable to conceive are upset by their insensitive father's announcement that he's about to become a dad again.

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Teddy Bear

Desperate for true love, painfully shy bodybuilder Dennis escapes the watch of his domineering mother and travels to Thailand in search of the love of his life.

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Off White Lies

A father and his daughter live through the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon.

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The Dynamiter

A boy whose mother abandoned him ponders the meaning of family after a school counselor assigns him an essay.

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Shun Li and the Poet

A Chinese barmaid and a Slavic fisherman find friendship and more in an Italian fishing village.

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Clandestine Childhood

The story of Juan's undercover childhood, the son of Argentinian rebels with a hope to improve their children's future.

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