The Book of Delights

Directed by Marcela Lordy
Film Movement
100 Minutes
Brazil, Argentina
Drama, Erotic
Women Directors, Women's Studies, Brazil, Latinx Studies, Sex & Sexuality, Literature
Not Rated
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THE BOOK OF DELIGHTS is a free adaptation of "An Apprenticeship or the Book of Delights" by Clarice Lispector, one of Brazil’s most acclaimed and influential writers.

Lóri, a free spirited and attractive teacher, leads an erotic life of love affairs, taking charge of her own desires and needs, whilst knowingly avoiding any attachments. A meeting with the Argentinian Ulisses, a renowned and egocentric philosophy teacher sparks a change in Lóri. As she learns to take steps towards others, she eventually understands how to love and accept herself fully.

"The Book of Delights is a beautiful treatise on pleasure and relationship, one that makes demands of the growth of its characters but doesn’t box them into societal expectations. Freedom does take shape for Lóri—and it looks like both the passionate and the mundane. Highly recommended for public libraries, especially for patrons interested in international films, dramas, and romance." - Video Librarian


  • Simone Spoladore
  • Javier Drolas
  • Felipe Rocha
  • Gabriel Stauffer
  • Martha Nowill
  • Highest Rating
    "A personal exploration that deeply moves and challenges, where each elusive gesture becomes endearing. "
    Belén Paladino, Caligari
  • Highest Rating
    "***** (5 stars) Lóri is played by Simone Spoladore , in an exceptional interpretation. Impossible to think of a better actress for the role. "
    Lucia Monteiro, Folha de Sao Paolo
  • Highest Rating
    "Lori's hesitations, always on the verge of giving up on herself, her difficulty in dealing with the pain of existing, all this is visually translated in a remarkable way. In short, a work that worthily celebrates the centenary of Clarice Lispector."
    Jose Geraldo Couto,


Awards & Recognition

Best Actress
Special Mention - Feature Film
Official Selection
São Paulo Int'l. Film Festival