Tanta Agua

Directed by Ana Guevara, Leticia Jorge
Film Movement
102 Minutes
Coming of Age, Latin American, Family, Comedy
Women Directors, Gender Studies
Not Rated
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PPR $200.00
DRL $499.00
PPR+DRL $599.00
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What could be worse than being 14 and on vacation with your father, stuck indoors during a seemingly endless rainstorm? Alberto and his two children, Lucia and Federico, set off to a hot springs resort for a short vacation. Alberto, who doesn't see his kids much since the divorce, refuses to allow anything to ruin his plans. But the springs are closed until further notice due to heavy rains, and Lucia's adolescent rebellion clashes against her father's enthusiastic efforts for family quality time. When she meets friends her age, equally bored at the rained-out resort, Lucia's vacation starts looking up. But flings can be fleeting, and it’s her father's reliable insistence they spend time together that proves to be the most meaningful part of their unexpectedly enjoyable getaway.

"Recommended" - Video Librarian


  • Nestor Guzzini
  • Malú Chouza
  • Joaquin Castiglioni
DVD Features

Bonus short: Home Road Movies, directed by Robert Bradbrook

Sound: Stereo 2.0

Discs: 1

  • Highest Rating
    "Absorbing! Uruguayan filmmaking team Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge’s first feature is graced by a disarming lightness of touch."
    David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter
  • Highest Rating
    "Well-observed...relaxed realism [with a] keen eye for the inner workings of a postmodern family."
    Boyd van Hoeij, Variety


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