Hollywood On Trial

Directed by David Helpern
Corinth Films
101 Minutes
Film Studies, History, American Democracy, American Studies, Media Studies, Politics
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Is our First Amendment right as protected as we think? Telling the story of the Hollywood 10, this classic documentary explores how the House Un-American Activities Committee was able to summon before it American citizens of the motion picture industry and interrogate them about their political affiliations and beliefs. Featuring interviews with Dalton Trumbo and other prominent screenwriters.

A detailed look at the events leading up to the blacklisting of Hollywood writers and artists. In October 1947 nineteen Hollywood personalities were subpoenaed by the House Committee on Un-American Activities to testify about their knowledge or possible involvement in the American Communist Party. The first ten to be called refused to cooperate, claiming their first amendment rights, were cited for contempt of Congress and sent to prison. They became known as the “Hollywood Ten” and this is their story.

Narrated by John Huston, with appearances by Zero Mostel, Otto Preminger, and Ronald Reagan as President of the Screen Actors Guild; the “Hollywood Ten:” Ring Lardner, Jr., Edward Dmytryk, Adrian Scott, Dalton Trumbo, Lester Cole, Herbert Biberman, John Lawson, Alva Bessie, Samuel Ornitz, Albert Maltz. Their accusers, from the right wing were Robert Stripling, Richard Nixon, J. Parnell Thomas, Lela Rogers, mother of Ginger Rogers, Robert Taylor, Adolphe Menjou, Gary Cooper.


  • Lauren Becall
  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Gary Cooper
  • Robert Taylor
  • Walt Disney
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