All the Sins of Sodom

Directed by Joseph W. Sarno
Film Movement Classics
86 Minutes
Drama, Erotic, Classics, Romance
Sex & Sexuality, Film Studies
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PPR+DRL $599.00
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Encouraged by his agent, Henning, a struggling photographer, begins a daring portfolio of his model, Leslie. But all too soon, jealousies erupt when another model vies for his camera and bed in this elegantly filmed time capsule of late 1960s New York.

Hailed as “one of Sarno’s most captivating films” (Video Watchdog), the sexploitation auteur is at the top of his game in this penetrating study of ambition, romance and lust set inside the world of fashion photography.


  • Sue Akers
  • Maria Lease
  • Marianne Prevost
  • Peggy Steffans
  • Highest Rating
    "Sexploitation auteur Joseph W. Sarno is at the top of his game in this film about the love triangle that arises between a fashion photographer and the two women vying for his attentions."
  • Highest Rating
    "...displays to the full extent his skills in high-key black and white lighting, effective mise-en-scene, and casting and directing actors."


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