All Eyes Off Me

Directed by Hadas Ben Aroya
Film Movement
89 Minutes
Comedy, Drama, Jewish
Women Directors, Jewish Studies
Not Rated
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Tel Aviv, today. At a party, an anxious girl named Danny is looking for Max, a recent casual fling, to share that she’s pregnant with his child. Through the haze of drugs and promiscuity of the partygoers, Danny doesn't get far in her search. Meanwhile, Max is busy with his new girlfriend, Avishag. He attempts to realize her rough sexual fantasies but Avishag instead turns her attention to another burgeoning relationship with Dror, an older man she dog-sits for.

In these three, loosely connected vignettes, director Hadas Ben Aroya’s second feature film proves to be an atmospheric exploration of a self-possessed generation of young Israelis. Though beautiful, confident, and sexually liberated, All Eyes Off Me addresses the physical limits of intimacy, questioning just how liberated these youths really are when faced with vulnerability.


  • Elisheva Weil
  • Leib Lev Levin
  • Yoav Hait
  • Hadar Katz
DVD Features

Discs: 1

  • Highest Rating
    "Divided into three parts, it’s a snapshot of urban relationships and loneliness that electrifies with its raw, razor-sharp honesty. With ALL EYES OFF ME, Ben Aroya shows promise to be a filmmaker we could trust to tell more stories of the young."
    Zhuo-Ning Su, Awards Daily
  • Highest Rating
    "All Eyes Off Me is a fascinating portrait of narcissistic teenagers living in Tel Aviv. [T]he precise characterisation and framing make it a deeply compelling watch."
    Redmond Bacon, Directors Notes
  • Highest Rating
    "All Eyes Off Me boasts solid performances from the entire cast and cinematographer Meidan Arama’s lovely camerawork keeps the action feeling natural and fluid as the story winds down with a deeply affecting interaction that leaves one with a strong sense of relief and hope."
    Jared Abbott, The WOW Report
  • Highest Rating
    "Hadas Ben Aroya’s film is unpredictable, unnerving and quietly exhilarating."
    Redmond Bacon, Dirty Movies


Awards & Recognition

Best Israeli Film
Jerusalem Film Festival
Best Actress
Jerusalem Film Festival
Official Selection
Berlin Int'l. Film Festival
Next Wave Jury Prize
Miami Jewish Film Festival

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