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Directed by Kamila Andini
Film Movement
95 Minutes
Indonesia, France, Singapore, Australia
Drama, Coming of Age, Asian
Not Rated

Having rejected a marriage proposal and now facing limited options after graduation, Indonesian high-school student Yuni (Arawinda Kirana) finds herself having to define her desires within a society attempting to prescribe her fate. Navigating her burgeoning sexuality and educational prospects while coming to terms with the rigid gender politics with which they collide, Yuni observes her peers and the women around her as they reject or give in to the expectations made of them and the consequences their decisions carry.

“A beautiful and sensitive work" (Cineuropa) featuring "a flawless lead performance" (Outtake Magazine) by newcomer Arawinda Kirana, YUNI demonstrates Indonesian director Kamila Andini’s rigorous dedication to exploring the perils and joys of female desire which would define her later work BEFORE, NOW AND THEN and CIGARETTE GIRL. With YUNI, Andini “continues her impressive run of social dramas” (Variety) by evoking a coming-of-age tale that is at once as culturally specific as it is universal.

Director & Cast

  • Director: Kamila Andini
  • Starring: Arawinda Kirana
  • Starring: Asmara Abigail
  • Starring: Sekar Sari
  • Starring: Marissa Anita




  • "Kamila Andini continues her impressive run of social dramas with a thought- provoking portrait of a teenage girl facing the prospect of arranged marriage. A compassionate and engaging coming-of-age tale."
    Richard Kuipers, Variety
  • "Kamila Andini brings a light, lyrical touch to some hefty issues in Yuni. The tale of a teenage girl at the mercy of society’s expectations and deep-rooted superstitions feels both specific and universal in its concerns, and audiences will readily identify with a central character facing age-old dilemmas in a modern context."
    Allan Hunter, Screen Daily
  • "The sincerity and authenticity of Yuni grant it a universal quality that makes it compelling, moving viewing."
    Alexandra Heller-Nicholas,
  • "Yuni makes its point clear about the illusion of modernity in a society still operating by tradition, leaving a haunting impression that lingers long after its over."
    Christopher Cross, Tilt Magazine
  • "As the title character, and in her first leading role, Kirana is magnetic. Yuni is Andini’s third feature—she also co-wrote the screenplay with Prima Rusdi—and her direction is effortless and unobtrusive. "
    Chloe Walker, Paste Magazine
  • "It’s director Kamila Andini’s ability to gracefully navigate between the at times cruel world of teenage marriage and Yuni’s pursuit of youth and freedom that makes Yuni a captivating coming-of-age affair. Praise likewise must go to Kirana for what is a phenomenal performance."
    Andrew Murray, The Upcoming
  • "Kamila Andini delivers a beautiful and sensitive work, telling a harmonious and bittersweet story about a young woman caught between yearnings for freedom and local tradition."
    Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa
  • "Arawinda Kirana gives a flawless lead performance as the eponymous protagonist. Andini’s relaxed, easy filmmaking — elevated by unflashy but graceful cinematography and music — disguises how delicately constructed the film’s emotional textures are; Céline Sciamma’s early films make for a worthy comparison. "
    Theo Rollason, Outtake Magazine