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The Beautiful Summer

Directed by Laura Luchetti
Film Movement
112 Minutes
Coming of Age, Drama, LGBTQIA2S+
Not Rated

Turin, 1938. Young Ginia has just left the countryside with her brother in search of a new life in the city. Though Turin lies in the shadow of a rising fascistic government and her brother yearns to return home, Ginia is more optimistic about the future. In a short time, she excels in her works as a seamstress at an atelier, gaining new clients with her designs and impressing her otherwise irascible employer. Restless and seeking adventure, Ginia soon finds it in a beautiful, enigmatic young woman named Amelia. Though similar in age, her new friend’s sensuality and confidence among the bohemian artists she socializes with embolden Ginia to begins modeling the for the male painters in her circle. A whirlwind affair ensues, and the young seamstress finds herself swept up in this new and unfamiliar world, all the while never escaping Amelia’s spell. The young women grow closer, and Ginia makes an emotional journey towards self-discovery over the course of one beautiful, sun-dappled summer. Featuring tender performances by Yile Yara Vianello and Deva Cassel, Laura Luchetti’s latest coming-of-age drama showcases “the intertwined complexities of first love and first sexual experiences, highlighting the inevitable messiness and poignancy of adolescence,” (Screen Anarchy).

Director & Cast

  • Director: Laura Luchetti
  • Starring: Yile Yara Vianello
  • Starring: Deva Cassel
  • Starring: Nicolas Maupas
  • Starring: Alessandro Piavani

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  • "The Beautiful Summer (La Bella Estate) lives up to its title: The screen is alive with the sensual glow of balmy days and nights — and, specifically, with the youthful giddiness that the warmest season rouses. [I]t’s anchored by the impressive screen debut of Yile Yara Vianello in the lead role."
    Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter
  • "The Beautiful Summer works, just as its title vividly suggests, primarily on a contrast: the beauty, innocence, and relief of a transient time before the years of war, misfortune, and darkness."
    Ayeen Forootan, In Review Online
  • "The combination of innocence and curiosity in the look of Yile Yara Vianello is one of The Beautiful Summer's great weapons."
    Ricardo Gallegos, La Estatuilla
  • "“The Beautiful Summer” is a warm and sensual portrayal of a young woman’s maturation. It is powerful in its honest depiction of exploration, with one’s own body and sexuality. While exercising strong direction and empathetic performances, Laura Luchetti’s film enters the canon of coming of age films with a commanding presence. "
    Emily Jacobson , Cinema Femme
  • "Appointed with a warmth and plushness that is reminiscent of a Merchant Ivory production...."
    Amber Wilkinson, Eye For Film
  • "Deva Cassel, the [child] of both Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci, shines in her debut role: not only is she beautiful; she has the grace and poise of a natural movie star."
    Redmond Bacon, Journey into CInema
  • "The Beautiful Summer captures the essence of the novel, showcasing the intertwined complexities of first love and first sexual experiences, highlighting the inevitable messiness and poignancy of adolescence."
    Martin Kudlac, Screen Anarchy
Audience Award
Locarno Film Festival
Gold Q-Hugo
Chicago Int'l. Film Festival
Best Film
Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival
Official Selection
Denver Film Festival

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