Shun Li and the Poet

Directed by Andrea Segre
Film Movement
100 Minutes
Italian, Mandarin
Asian, Romance, Drama
Not Rated

Shun Li works in a textile factory near Rome, slowly paying off the broker that brought her from China to Italy, while saving money so she can bring her young son to join her. She is suddenly transferred to work as a bartender at a pub in a small town along the Venetian Lagoon. The pub is the hangout of the local fishermen, including Bepi, a handsome old Slav immigrant nicknamed "The Poet." A tender, delicate friendship grows between Shun Li and Bepi. But gossip soon threatens their innocent relationship, a bond that had once transcended two very different, yet not at all distant cultures.

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  • "A poignant story...striking cinematography! A film that doesn't shy away."
    The New York Times
  • "This just might be a masterpiece!"
  • "Rapturous! Exquisite!"
    Allisa Simon, Variety