Directed by T.W. Pittman, Kelly Daniela Norris
Corinth Films
90 Minutes
Drama, Black Cinema
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Set in present day Ghana, Nakom follows Iddrisu, a talented medical student who is summoned home by his sister after their father’s sudden death. Iddrisu reluctantly returns home to the village of Nakom, buries his father and temporarily assumes the head of the impoverished household and farm, inheriting not only the delicate task of planting a successful crop but also a debt left by the deceased patriarch that could destroy the family. Attempting to maintain part of his studies from the confines of a small hut, Iddrisu becomes increasingly frustrated with the incessant physical and emotional needs of those around him, the demanding toil of the land and lack of rain. A contentious relationship with his uncle Napolean, to whom the sizeable debt is owed, is further complicated by the unplanned pregnancy of Napolean’s granddaughter who was sent to live with Iddrisu’s family. As the new patriarch grapples with tradition and familial duty, he is met with varying shades of contempt by both family and villagers who compare him with his father expecting a resemblance. Iddrisu’s patience and wisdom are tempered by the strange paradox created by his faith in God and desire for control, the latter of which he cannot have so long as he stays in Nakom. As circumstances swell, Iddrisu suddenly begins to realize that no future for him exists in the place where he is needed the most, even despite an offer by the village Chieftain to remain in Nakom to become an elder and marry his daughter.


  • Jacob Ayanaba
  • Justina Kulidu
  • Shetu Mussah
  • Grace Ayariga
  • Aziz Abdul
  • Esther Issaka
  • Mamudu Asigiri
  • Thomas Kulidu
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  • Highest Rating
    "There’s an air of authenticity as well as a pleasingly laid-back yet substantive narrative engagement to this polished effort."
    Dennis Harvey, Variety
  • Highest Rating
    "A cast of non-actors acquits itself very nicely here, and the nature of the shoot – in which locals played key roles in the low-budget production – make the film’s polish all the more impressive."
    John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter
  • Highest Rating
    "...a modest triumph of world-building… Nakom depicts a culture rarely ever shown on screen, and yet Iddrisu’s struggle to move forward without betraying his upbringing reflects feelings that are unmistakably universal."
    Wes Green, Slant Magazine
  • Highest Rating
    "Caught at the crossroads of personal need and familial duty, modernism and tradition, Iddrisu at first comes across as a man very much alone, partly because he straddles two worlds. His struggle seems familiar, but it’s one that’s made memorable through the graceful visuals, gentle pacing and deep feeling that the directors TW Pittman and Kelly Daniela Norris bring to this story."
    Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

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Official Selection
Official Selection
New Directors, New Films
Official Selection
Pan African Film Festival
Official Selection
Seattle Int'l. Film Festival

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