Poppy Field

Directed by Eugen Jebeleanu
Film Movement
82 Minutes
Romanian, English, French
Drama, LGBTQ
Not Rated

"Poppy Field" follows the struggle of a young Romanian gendarme, Cristi, who tries to find the balance between two apparently opposing parts of his identity: that of a man working in a macho hierarchical environment and that of a closeted gay person who tries to keep his personal life a secret. While his long-distance French boyfriend, Hadi, is visiting him, Cristi is called in for an intervention at a movie theatre, where an ultra-nationalist, homophobic group has interrupted the screening of a queer film. After one of the protesters threatens to out him, Cristi spirals out of control.

Director & Cast




  • "This adept first feature quickly gathers momentum, delivering a knotty portrait of a man who, like the culture in which he lives, is still wrestling with the very idea of homosexuality."
    Wendy Ide, Screen Daily
  • "Poppy Field is spot on, and it reveals aspects of the wider damage done by prejudice that are rarely seen onscreen."
    Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film
  • "Poppy Field is a very Romanian and powerful portrait of a gay man tormented and embarrassed by his own sexuality. With its minimalist approach and painstaking attention to detail, director Eugen Jebeleanu manages to create a claustrophobic and chaotic atmosphere... and makes Poppy Field a worthy entry into the Romanian New Wave. "
    Art House Street
  • "This is an exciting, morally grey film tackling a complex topic within a country that is still in the process of fully recognising LGBT rights. Stressing realism over didacticism while realising the full humanity of nearly all its players, it’s more proof of the rich and exciting potential of contemporary Romanian film to make fascinating art out of simple premises."
    Redmond Bacon, Dirty Movies
  • "Anyone who believes "don’t ask, don’t tell" isn't a harmful way to live would do well to watch Jebeleanu's film and see how such a mentality really affects those forced to live under such stifling conditions."
    Eric Hillis, The Movie Waffler
  • "Gay-themed Romanian drama Poppy Field, directed by Eugen Jebeleanu and Ioana Moraru, draws inspiration from the numerous real life protests that have faced queer cinema screenings in Eastern Europe. Injecting a conflicted human narrative into the heart of this ensures that Poppy Field is a compelling watch in its examination of the homophobia that plagues many former Soviet republics. There is a compelling character drama at the heart of Poppy Field showcased through a sublime leading turn from Conrad Mericoffer, a sensitive screenplay from Iona Moraru and Eugen Jebeleanu’s beautifully natural direction."
    Culture Fix