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Directed by Tjebbo Penning
Film Movement
95 Minutes
Thriller, Drama, Horror
Not Rated

Based on a true story, Morlang is a chilling, psychological drama about jealousy, betrayal and revenge. Successful artist Julius Morlang has reached a crossroad in his career.  So when his wife Ellen becomes involved with an upcoming new artist, the limits of their love are strained.  Julius seeks refuge in Ann, a sexy new admirer.  But when Ellen unexpectedly falls ill, the two of them must reform the trust they had lost before. But once betrayed, can you trust the one you love?

Director & Cast

  • Director: Tjebbo Penning
  • Starring: Paul Freeman
  • Starring: Diana Kent
  • Starring: Susan Lynch

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  • "An engrossing psychological thriller."
    Marta Barber, Miami Herald
  • "Spins a tangled web of adultery, betrayal and professional and personal jealousy in the heady world of European high art."
    James Verniere, Boston Herald
  • "Morlang has surprises up its sleeve that even the seasoned genre fan may not see coming."
    Scott Foundas, L.A. Weekly
  • "A very grown-up, very elegant psychological drama."
    John Arkelian, ArtsForum