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Love's Whirlpool

Directed by Daisuke Miura
Omnibus Entertainment
123 Minutes
Erotic, Romance, Drama, Asian
Not Rated

Six strangers meet at an underground sex club in Japan for a night of anonymous pleasure. While first-timers and regulars collide, each member’s attitude towards sex and satisfaction becomes challenged as their kinks and inhibitions begin to reveal more than they were initially willing to let on.

Adapted from the critically acclaimed play of the same name, LOVE’S WHIRLPOOL explores Japan’s fuzoku (sex industry) with candor, humor and freewheeling indecency. “Stylishly shot and explicit,” Daisuke Miura’s foray into the city’s erotic underbelly provides “great thrills, both erotic and comedic, as well as genuine emotion” (Screen Anarchy).

Director & Cast

  • Director: Daisuke Miura
  • Starring: Sôsuke Ikematsu
  • Starring: Mugi Kadowaki
  • Starring: Ken'ichi Takitô
  • Starring: Eriko Nakamura
  • Starring: Hirofumi Arai
  • Starring: Yôko Mitsuya

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  • "Love's Whirlpool, is definitely the real deal, offering great thrills, both erotic and comedic, as well as genuine emotion."
    Christopher Bourne, Screen Anarchy
  • "Stylishly shot and explicit without becoming exploitative or sleazy, Miura’s film proves a refreshingly nuanced, mature take on modern sexual behaviour "
    Hayley Scanlon, Windows on Worlds
  • "Love’s Whirlpool is easily the most interesting adult drama in a long time, and it also looks stylish as hell."
    Sketches of Cinema