Directed by Noah Hutton
Film Movement
104 Minutes
Science Fiction, Mystery, Drama
Not Rated

New York, an alternate present: the quantum computing revolution has begun and investors are lining their pockets in the quantum trading market. Building the network, though, requires miles of infrastructure to be laid between huge magnetic cubes by "cablers" - unprotected gig workers who compete against robots to pull wires over rough terrain.

Queens delivery man Ray Tincelli is skeptical of new technology, and the buy-in to start cabling is steep, but he struggles to support himself and his ailing younger brother, who suffers from a mysterious illness. So when Ray scores a shady permit, he believes their fortunes may have finally changed. What he doesn't expect is to be pulled into a conspiracy involving hostile cablers, corporate greed, and the mysterious "Lapsis" who may have previously owned his permit. Called "a smart class-conscious sci-fi parable" by The Hollywood Reporter, LAPSIS is a darkly comic and timely look at the gig economy and the failed utopian promises of big tech.

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Calgary Underground Film Festival
Calgary AB February 12, 2021
Lark Theater
Larkspur CA February 12, 2021
Laemmle Theatres
Los Angeles CA February 12, 2021
SIE Film Center
Denver CO February 12, 2021
Fort Lauderdale FL February 12, 2021
Burns Court Cinema
Sarasota FL February 12, 2021
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Tampa FL February 12, 2021
Iowa City IA February 12, 2021
Music Box Theatre
Chicago IL February 12, 2021
Landmark Cinemas
Peoria IL February 12, 2021
SNF Parkway Theatre
Baltimore MD February 12, 2021
Space Gallery
Portland ME February 12, 2021
Parkway Theater
Minneapolis MN February 12, 2021
Oxford Film Festival
Oxford MS February 12, 2021
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Winston Salem NC February 12, 2021
Red River Theatres
Concord NH February 12, 2021
Violet Crown Santa Fe
Santa Fe NM February 12, 2021
Ithaca NY February 12, 2021
Jacob Burns Film Center
Pleasantville NY February 12, 2021
Cleveland Cinematheque
Cleveland OH February 12, 2021
Jane Pickens Theater
Newport RI February 12, 2012
Violet Crown
Austin TX February 12, 2021
Austin Film Society
Austin TX February 19, 2021
Violet Crown Charlottesville
Charlottesville VA February 12, 2021
Neptune Movie House
Long Beach WA February 12, 2021
Grand Cinema
Tacoma WA February 12, 2021
The Kiggins Theatre
Vancouver WA February 12, 2021

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  • "A sharp take-down of unfettered crony capitalism."
    Christopher Reed, Hammer to Nail
  • "A smart class-conscious sci-fi parable."
    John Defore, The Hollywood Reporter
  • "Noah Hutton's feature debut is an ambitious blend of modern technology and timeless concerns, bolstered by a winking good humor."
    Kate Erbland, Indiewire
  • "Hutton scores a direct hit on the persistent machinations of corporations to nickel and dime everyone at each turn. The ridiculous complexity of life in systems designed for other systems instead of humans is ridiculed to great effect. "
    Bradley Gibson, Film Threat
  • "Like a lot of indie science fiction, writer/director/composer Noah Hutton‘s Lapsis takes place in a five-minutes-from-now sort of future, one which looks like if the Apple II-era ’90s suddenly leaped forward into quantum computing, and the rest of the world was left behind. But the allure of Lapsis isn’t in its retrofuturism, but in the way Hutton melds these technologies with a dark sense of humor about the consumptive nature of capitalism. The technology may change, but workers will still owe their soul to the company store."
    Clint Worthington, The Spool
  • "Feeling like a combination of Sorry to Bother You and Wild, Noah Hutton’s ambitious directorial debut Lapsis is the type of sci-fi satire that the festival circuit was built to discover. Thanks to a creative premise and witty dialogue, Hutton has delivered a film that is both entertaining and thought-provoking."
    Sean Boelman, Disappointment Media
  • " Hutton’s inventive storytelling weaves a clever web throughout...."
    Andrew Osborne, Culture Vulture
  • "An ingenious social satire wrapped inside an intelligent sci-fi parable."
    Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia
  • "Lapsis lives on the central performance by Dean Imperial as Ray, and that life is undoubtedly vibrant and complex."
    Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle
  • "A world away from the clichés of popular science fiction, this is the real thing."
    Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film
  • "...entertainingly original.... This tale of a floundering gig-economy worker straddles both the bleak present-tense reality of Ken Loach’s “Sorry We Missed You” and the subversive near-future political satire of Boots Riley’s “Sorry to Bother You” while arriving at a whimsical critique all its own."
    Dennis Harvey, Variety
  • "Commanded by nuanced performances and smartly written by Hutton, Lapsis is a tremendous, radicalizing sci-fi project that not only feeds you anger but offers solutions to its existential crises deep in the American wilderness. "
    Clement Tyler Obropta, Film Inquiry