Human Capital

Directed by Paolo Virzì
Film Movement
110 Minutes
Thriller, Drama
Not Rated

Based on Stephen Amidon’s acclaimed novel, director Paolo Virzì’s HUMAN CAPITAL presents a riveting and stylish modern day morality tale of class, green and desire. With a lavish home and beautiful wife, hedge-fund manager Giovanni Bernaschi seemingly has it all. Meanwhile, real estate agent Dino Ossala struggles to maintain his family’s middle-class existence and faces even worse financial straits when his wife announces that she is pregnant with twins. Leveraging his daughter’s relationship with Giovanni’s son, Dino deceives the bank and manipulates his way into the Bernaschi hedge-fund. As the destinies of both families become further entwined, a fateful hit and run accident sets in motion a chain of events, triggering dangerous consequences that will change their lives forever.

Director & Cast

  • Director: Paolo Virzì
  • Starring: Fabrizio Bentivoglio
  • Starring: Valeria Golino
  • Starring: Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
  • Starring: Fabrizio Gifuni

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  • "A chic thriller! A top-flight cast gives the character-driven drama depth and conviction."
    Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter
  • "Perfectly cast! This slick, stylish fusion of class critique and murder mystery confirms Paolo Virzi as one of Italy's more dynamic directors."
    Jay Weissberg, Variety
  • "It's a strange film - constantly hovering on the knife edge between comedy and tragedy - but a riveting one."
    Bilge Ebiri,