Directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky
Film Movement
98 Minutes
Austria, Luxembourg
Thriller, Action, Crime, Mystery
Not Rated

Vienna, 1920. The Austro-Hungarian Empire has collapsed. Peter Perg returns home from the Great War, after years of captivity. But the Vienna he comes home to is nothing like the place he once knew. The new Austrian Republic thrives on artistic freedom, but anti-democratic movements loom overhead. A stranger in his hometown, his life takes a turn for the worse when one of his former comrades is murdered. Suddenly the mysterious killings of veterans are mounting. Personally connected to the victims, Perg decides to bring the killer to justice.

Director & Cast




  • "The Third Man meets Se7en amid the chaos of post-First World War Vienna in atmospheric serial-killer thriller Hinterland, a welcome return to the limelight for director Stefan Ruzowitzky some 13 years after his The Counterfeiters landed the international Oscar. Built around a powerhouse performance by Murathan Muslu as a battle-scarred veteran enmeshed in a nightmarish murder-mystery, the film imaginatively deploys green-screen technology to conjure off-kilter visions of the Austrian capital a century ago."
    Neil Young, Screen Daily
  • "Shot almost entirely on blue screen, this return to Expressionist cinema impresses with its boldness...."
    Jay Weissberg, Variety
  • "This immersive and wildly imaginative crime thriller thrives thanks to director Stefan Ruzowitzky’s (The Counterfeiters, Cold Hell) bold vision. "
    Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia
  • "Dazzling digital visuals are a key selling point for this stylish retro-noir serial killer thriller."
    Stephen Dalton, The Film Verdict
  • ""Stylish noir thriller...evocatively seedy but highly enjoyable murder mystery."
    Meredith Taylor, Filmuforia