Watch at Home 12.08.2020

Frau Stern

Directed by Anatol Schuster
Omnibus Entertainment
82 Minutes
German, Hebrew, English
Comedy, Drama, Jewish
Not Rated

90-year-old Frau Stern is in remarkable shape for a woman her age. Her physical health is excellent, her daughter and granddaughter are doting on her, her hairdresser supplies her with recreational drugs and she is surrounded by friends who are still in their 20s. But the Holocaust survivor from Berlin has had enough: she desperately wants to die. With a wonderful performance from the late Ahuva Sommerfeld, Frau Stern is a sad yet funny meditation on life, death and everything in between.

Director & Cast

  • Director: Anatol Schuster
  • Starring: Ahuva Sommerfeld
  • Starring: Kara Schröder
  • Starring: Pit Bukowski




  • "What at first sounds like a delicate experimentation becomes Anatol Schuster's debut film "Frau Stern" a moving, funny, wise film about life, aging and dying. of the most beautiful surprises that German film has to offer this year. "
    Michael Meyns, ProgrammKino
  • "Feather-light and laconic...."
    Katharina Zeckau, Juedische Allgemeine
  • "Here, the viewer has a heroine who could be called a combination of Harold AND Maude. Actress Sommerfeld—actually 81 at the time, and who, ironically, died soon after this film's release—holds the camera like the rarity she is..."
    Charles Cassady, Video Librarian