Film Club Titles for 2011


After being arrested for living illegally in Belgium, a Russian woman finds herself on an earth-shattering journey to escape prison and reunite with her son.

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A Screaming Man

A former swimming champion selfishly puts his welfare above his son during the Chadian revolution, and out of guilt, regrets his decision.

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The Colors of the Mountain

Manuel dreams of being a goalkeeper and ventures into a minefield to rescue his new ball.

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Little Sparrows

Against the backdrop of an Australian summer, 3 divergent sisters face turning points in their lives and romantic entanglements while watching their mother’s heroic battle with cancer.

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The Human Resources Manager

A tragi-comedy centered on the HR manager of Israel's largest industrial bakery, who sets out to save the reputation of his business and prevent the publication of a defamatory article.

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Karen Cries on the Bus

Karen discovers, after 10 years of marriage, she has left behind her dreams devoting herself to home chores and realizes it has been a mistake that cost her her youth.

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A Czech journalist joins a Prague radio station that broadcasts Nazi propaganda in order to protect his Jewish wife.

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Before Your Eyes

Two young Kurdish children are forced to live on the street after their parents have been murdered by a member of a secret state security force.

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The Piano in a Factory

To fight for custody of his daughter who loves playing the piano, a steel factory worker decides to forge a piano from scratch.

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Seven Minutes in Heaven

Galia survives a suicide bombing on a bus and has a hard time remembering that day until someone sends her a necklace; a gift that sets her off on a journey to find the missing pieces of the puzzle fr...

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Queen of Hearts

Adele tries to recover from a devastating breakup by bouncing from lover to lover.

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King of Devil's Island

A teenager accused of murder is sent to an island reform school where the director torments the boys—but it’s only a matter of time before he plots a cruel revenge.

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