Film Club Titles for 2006

Hawaii, Oslo

Five interwoven love stories, where everyone is running from something, searching for something, or dreaming of something else.

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The Forest for the Trees

Melanie, a young idealistic teacher starts her first job at a city high school. But soon she discovers her dream life is a world away.

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In this pitch black comedy, the rivalry between two neighbors escalates into an all out war. However, after a tractor accident leaves them both paralyzed, they no longer focus their rage on each other...

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Day Break

In Iran, capital punishment follows Islamic law, which gives the family of the victim ownership of the offender's life. Day Break revolves around the imminent execution of a man found guilty of murder...

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Two mothers and their two daughters explore the tenuous bonds of family and friendship.

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A Peck on the Cheek

On her 9th birthday, Amudha learns she is an orphan and with her adopted family travels to Sri Lanka to find her birth parents.

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Monster Thursday

A quirky romantic drama set in remote coastal Norway takes the viewer on a tumultuous ride through surfing aspirations, extreme weather and love.

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Who's Camus Anyway?

A group of eccentric students decide to make a movie. But, when their star suddenly quits, this witty ensemble cast begins to live the film, including murder, deception and true love.

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Be With Me

Three tales of love wrap around the true story of a blind and deaf woman named Theresa Chan.

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Men at Work

Set in the mountains, this richly symbolic film tells the humorous story of four old friends who, driving back from a failed skiing trip, encounter a strange and enormous rock.

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Something Like Happiness

A trio of friends residing in an urban Czech housing project finds that happiness can come from the place where you least expect it in this quirky and heartfelt drama.

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A Simple Curve

A father and son run their own two-man furniture business but have opposing ideologies on what should guide their craftsmanship, quality or commerce.

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