Directed by Luis Avilés
Film Movement
88 Minutes
Drama, Thriller
Death and Dying
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PPR+DRL $599.00
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On the way to attend his father’s funeral, Álvaro finds the body of a prostitute who was a good friend of his estranged daughter. He embarks on an investigation that reveals a trail of alarming secrets.


  • Mina Andala
  • María Bouzas
  • Highest Rating
    "'Retornos' is one of the best Spanish films released this year, where nothing is superfluous. "
    Jose Lopez Perez, El Blog del Cine Español
  • Highest Rating
    "You'll have plenty of "aha" moments...this type of storytelling really amplifies the mystery and tension of the picture. That coupled with the dark tone of the story makes director Aviles's [film] fall comfortably into the modern version of film noir "
    Carey, OrcaSound


Awards & Recognition

Official Selection
Valladolid Int'l Film Festival

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