Watch at Home 03.22.2024

Coming to You

Directed by Gyuri Byun
Omnibus Entertainment
93 Minutes
South Korea
Documentary, LGBTQIA2S+, Asian
Not Rated

Nabi, a veteran firefighter, prided herself for living a successful life, until one day her child, Hankyeol, comes out to her by saying: “Mom, I want to get a mastectomy.” Meanwhile, Vivian, a flight attendant of 28 years, sheds tears after reading her son, Yejoon’s, letter: “I’m gay.” Nabi and Vivian’d never even heard of the term “LGBTQIA+” during their entire lives when Hankyeol and Yejoon started opening up their various problems. Facing the reality that their children are struggling, what would two mothers do?

Director & Cast

  • Director: Gyuri Byun
  • Starring: Eunae 'Nabi' Jeong
  • Starring: Sunhwa 'Vivian' Kang
  • Starring: Hankyeol Lee
  • Starring: Yejoon Joung

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  • ""Coming to You" emerges as an excellent documentary, which makes its comments in a way that is both easy to watch and highly informative."
    Panos Kotzathanasis, HanCinema
  • "Coming to You is a sweet, understanding and kind exploration of mother-son relationships and how they evolve. It’s an inspiration for other parents to embrace their queer children, watching how these two mothers whole-heartedly throw themselves into the community, prepared to listen, learn and love their children for who they are."
    Rebecca Cherry,
  • "By concentrating on a handful on individuals, we get to witness firsthand how difficult the journey through the South Korean legal structure is...."
    Richard Gray, The Reel Bits
  • "Byun Gyu-ri's "Coming to You" tells the stories about two loving moms of LGBTQ+ children, Nabi and Vivian. It documents how they cope with their children's realization of being in the sexual minority, how they actively get involved in Korea's PFLAG organization, and how they offer their unconditional love and support to their children."
    Tony An, YNOT at the Movies