Before, Now & Then

Directed by Kamila Andini
Film Movement
103 Minutes
Not Rated

The late 1960s, Indonesia. Nana cannot escape her past. Poverty-stricken, having lost her family to the war in West Java, she marries again and begins a new life. But the past lives on in her dreams. Her new husband is wealthy and Nana has been afforded some material comforts, but her place in the home is menial, and he is unfaithful. She suffers in silence until the day she meets, Ino, one of her husband’s mistresses and everything changes. Incongruously, Ino is someone she can trust, someone who offers her comfort and to whom she can confide her secrets, past and present. Together, the two women find the hope of new freedom.

Set against the backdrop of growing anti-Communist sentiments of 1960s Indonesia, Before, Now & Then focuses on the particular hardships that women are forced to endure in the face of political unrest and proves Andini to be one of the most promising Indonesian directors to emerge in recent years.

Director & Cast

  • Director: Kamila Andini
  • Starring: Happy Salma
  • Starring: Laura Basuki
  • Starring: Arswendy Bening Swara
  • Starring: Ibnu Jamil

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  • "Andini captures complex female emotions and relationships in nuanced and fascinating detail, as well as the secrets we all keep, whether in knotted buns or not. Subtly stirring, it’s a sensitively crafted, immersive cinematic experience that lingers on the senses well after the credits roll."
    Sarah Bradbury, The Upcoming
  • "Aesthetic flourishes... betray Wong Kar-Wai’s influence on “Before, Now & Then” and elevate it ... to the intoxicating sensory experience it is."
    Michael Nordine, Variety
  • "A precisely calibrated, emotionally nuanced exploration of one woman going through a mid-life crisis in rural Indonesia during the 1960s that both looks and sounds stunning thanks to above-and-beyond craft contributions."
    Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter
  • "It’s a handsomely mounted period piece, which acknowledges the strength required by previous generations of Indonesian women to rise above the patriarchal demands of a restrictive society."
    Wendy Ide, Screen Daily
  • "It offers rewards in its resplendent filmmaking while smartly examining the nuances of the feminine experience."
    Redmond Bacon, Dirty Movies
  • "Drawing a number of deeply felt performances from her cast, it is an aching period piece...."
    Rory O'Connor, The Film Stage
  • "Before, Now & Then is a very carefully wrought arthouse film... wreathed in poetic melancholy and never less than beautiful; Batara Goempar’s cinematography belongs to another era of soft lamplight, rich shadows and glowing fabrics."
    Stephanie Bunbury, Deadline
  • "Writer/director Kamila Andini adapts Ahda Imran’s biographical Jais Darga Namaku into a stirring vignette of a woman’s crossroaded, multifaceted existence as a survivor, mother, wife and businesswoman. [T]hrough Salma’s masterful performance, Nana’s psychological discomfort is inviting and empathetic...."
    Jacob Oller , Paste Magazine
  • "[A] gorgeous, complex, and wonderfully melancholy film from Indonesian filmmaker Kamila Andini. "
    Jean Henegan, Pop Culture Maniacs