The Nothing Factory

Directed by Pedro Pinho
177 Minutes
Portuguese, French
Drama, Music
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One night, a group of workers discover their factory is being dismantled by the same administration that runs it. Quickly, the laborers organize themselves in order to occupy the plant.


  • José Smith Vargas
  • Carla Galvão
  • Njamy Sebastião
  • Joaquim Bichana Martins
  • Highest Rating
    "This is the kind of bold film-making, bristling with risks and ideas, that shakes up cinema from the inside."
    Wendy Ide, The Observer
  • Highest Rating
    "A film which proves that you can fight the power while dancing at the same time."
    David Jenkins, Little White Lies
  • Highest Rating
    "There is gathering power as we peer into lives, conflicts and labour pains, in all senses, of a new-born industrial showdown."
    Nigel Andrews, Financial Times
  • Highest Rating
    "Exploring workers' rights in an age of mechanisation and recession, this isn't always an easy watch. But it's played with spirit, filmed with integrity and is pleasingly full of surprises."
    David Parkinson, Empire Magazine
  • Highest Rating
    "A grainy, nearly three-hour opus that unexpectedly morphs from vérité-like neorealist drama into that unicorn of cinematic genres: a neorealist musical."
    Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter

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