Upcoming Club Films

The Whaler Boy

A teenager in an isolated Bering Strait village sets off on a journey to America in search of a webcam girl.

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February 2022


Two students of a theological seminary in cold war Czechoslovakia must decide if they will collaborate, or attempt to resist the secret police.

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March 2022


Laura Wandel's prize-winning debut film looks at schoolyard bullying through the eyes of two young siblings.

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April 2022


A headstrong widow in a small Bulgarian village takes in an African migrant, stoking strong reactions from the villagers.

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May 2022

Poppy Field

A gay police officer in Romania has to contend with the different parts of his personality in this thrilling drama.

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June 2022


In the heat of a shimmering summer, Nora falls for Romy and discovers a whole new world.

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July 2022