Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case

Directed by Andreas Johnsen
86 Minutes
Denmark, China, United Kingdom
Mandarin, English
Art, Activism, Politics, Human Rights, China, Asian Studies
DVD $150.00
Blu-ray $150.00
PPR $350.00
DRL $499.00
PPR+DRL $599.00

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An incredibly personal portrait, "Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case" chronicles Weiwei's yearlong battle against the Chinese Government and a trumped-up tax-evasion lawsuit dubbed 'The Fake Case'.


  • Highest Rating
    "But then the fire in his [Ai Wei Wei] belly begins to grow anew, and watching him regain his confidence, sense of self and the rebellious spirit that defined him gives "The Fake Case" an unexpected and exciting feeling of momentum and, eventually, tension."
    Christy Lemire,
  • Highest Rating
    "While the conclusion of “The Fake Case” embodies the playful quality of Ai’s approach to his conundrum, the artist’s depiction of a far more troubled victim of the system has a delicacy that shrewdly embodies the paradoxes of contemporary Chinese society."
    Eric Kohn, IndieWire
  • Highest Rating
    " “The Fake Case” finds him[Ai Wei Wei] physically transformed — the big belly diminished, his beard longer than before — and yet more determined than ever to challenge the fraudulent system in power......With the aid of Johnsen’s doc to overcome the obstacles China has put in his path, however, Ai’s voice carries louder than ever before."
    PETER DEBRUGE, Variety
  • Highest Rating
    "Among the keenly observed moments in the new documentary about Ai Weiwei is an exchange between the artist, under house arrest in China on trumped-up charges, and his mother. "


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