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September 2023

The Night of the 12th

Dominik Moll
Film Movement
115 Minutes
France, Belgium
Mystery, Crime, Thriller
Not Rated

Every police precinct has a case that defies explanation and evades solution. Recently promoted Captain Yohan Vivès (Bastien Bouillon) faces such an elusive mystery when he investigates the gruesome murder of a young woman named Clara in the French town of Grenoble. It is clear that the attack was premeditated, and the violent nature of the crime suggests revenge. All the evidence points towards a scorned ex-lover, but which one? Vivés’ team methodically digs through the details of Clara’s life, uncovering her secrets while striving to weed out the killer. Winner of seven César Awards including Best Film and Best Director, THE NIGHT OF THE 12TH is a “deft and satisfying police procedural” that is based on “Pauline Guéna’s immersive account of a year spent with the Criminal Investigation Department of Versailles” (Screen Daily).

Director and Cast

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